About Us

Where are we?

  • In the beautiful countryside of the Pfaffenwinkel, in the heart of Upper Bavaria

Who are we?

  • John and Sharon Stedman, originally from Kent, in south-east England

  • We spent eight years teaching English and French in Paris. There we tutored high-level executives and managers, preparing them to sit the internationally-accepted Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) certificate

  • Whilst in France, we received training in Accelerated Language Learning techniques, just a few of which are described on this website

  • We also spent 15 years in various African countries, working in various fields including translation and lexicography in several African languages. We were responsible for the organisation and teaching of language-study courses. We also gave training to translators working on projects in indigenous languages

  • We have written dictionaries and language courses in three African languages: Lingala, Kongo and Lari

  • John works as a freelance interpreter and translator for the Federal Agency for Migration and Refugees here in Germany, offering services in English, French, German, Lingala, Kongo and Lari

Which languages do we work in?

How can we help you?