The Language Secret

How to Learn a Language

Or: How to Speak 10 Languages. Badly

What do you call someone who speaks three languages?”


“What do you call someone who speaks two languages?”


“What do you call someone who speaks one language?”


Why are native English speakers so bad at learning languages? Why does that old joke sting so much?

Would you like to learn a foreign language? Have you perhaps already tried - and failed - to do so? Why is language learning so difficult? Is there a secret to mastering a foreign tongue?

As it happens there is. And the aim of The Language Secret is to share it with you.

And you can learn in two ways. You can read our book to help you learn any language you wish, or you can benefit from our personalised tuition to learn one of the languages we offer.

In the course of our quest to learn another language, we shall be meeting a varied cast of characters, all of whom can help us discover part of The Language Secret. We shall encounter a depressive supercomputer, a Corsican adventurer, a Portuguese football manager, Nimrod the Hunter, an English chanteuse and an incompetent detective. We shall learn from all of them and uncover The Language Secret.

In the introduction to our forthcoming book, we shall be meeting and learning from the self-proclaimed “Special One”. You can read more about him here.

The author of The Language Secret explains the TLS concept on Talk Radio Europe. Click below to listen to the interview: