Learn together!

A revolutionary new concept

Perhaps you are trying to learn a language on your own - one for which no tuition is currently available - and a language that we at The Language Secret don't yet offer.

Learning alone can be discouraging sometimes, so is there a solution?

Yes. We offer a unique service unavailable anywhere else: Learn together!

Learning together with someone else makes the process faster, more fun and more efficient.

We love learning new languages and we would be happy to learn together with you. Whichever one you are learning, we can help you learn it faster using the methods taught in The Language Secret and our accelerated language-learning techniques.


Learning a language - any language, however obscure - involves techniques and methods that we have explained in The Language Secret, so even if we have no prior knowledge at all of the one you are studying, we can help you make faster progress. And - thanks to our decades of language learning and teaching - we at the The Language Secret do probably already have at least some idea of the basic structure of the language you're learning. So we can help you attain your goal more quickly.

Learn together! We teach you how to learn - and we both learn a new language together.


Any one that you want to learn. No language is too small, too unimportant, too complex.

There are estimated to be around 7000 languages spoken in the world, but tuition and courses are only available in a fraction of these. Some of these lesser-known tongues are often referred to disparagingly as dialects - that is the case with Bavarian and Swabian, for example, which are living and vibrant languages - not dialects - spoken near where we live.

There is a secret to language learning and it applies to any one of the 7000 on our planet. Let's Learn together!