19 October 2021

Talk Radio Europe

The author of The Language Secret explains the concept of the book. Listen here:

8 December 2021

Book Talk Radio Club

An interview with the author of The Language Secret. Listen here:

15 December 2021

Talk Radio Europe

It's not only good manners to learn the language of the country we’re living in - it's also good sense: knowing the local language opens doors and our eyes. But how do we get started? With baby steps.

Do we have to learn grammar, though? Can't we just learn as children do? And if we do need to learn some, how much is really required? Find out here:

19 January 2022

Talk Radio Europe

It has been estimated that we need to know around 1000 words in another language to be able to express ourselves in everyday situations. But which ones? We discuss some of the pitfalls of learning with books and language apps.

And how can we get words to stick in our heads? We discuss four methods for accelerated language learning. Listen here:

16 February 2022

Talk Radio Europe

When we learn a new language we have to acquire vocabulary, but how do we make new words stick in our mind? In this month's broadcast we discuss four accelerated language-learning methods.

We also look at the different ways of saying 'you' in Spanish. Why does Spanish have so many words for 'you'? And why does English only have one? Find out here:

28 February 2022

My Fluent Podcast

The author of The Language Secret speaks with Daniel Goodman, host of My Fluent Podcast. Find out how somebody who was monolingual at 30 now speaks 10 languages.

In a wide-ranging conversation, we also learn about the dangers of perfectionism.

You can watch and listen on Spotify or YouTube. An audio-only version is available here.

16 March 2022

Talk Radio Europe

How do we acquire a more "authentic" accent when we speak another language? Is it really important anyway? Can Inspector Clouseau help us? That's one of the topics examined in the March edition of the language-learning slot on TRE.

We also discuss the concept of language families. There are many languages spoken on the Iberian peninsula: Castillano (which we usually call "Spanish" in English), Catalan, Galician (or Gallego), Valenciano, and Basque. Which of those is the odd one out - and why? Find out more here: